adidas ZX 850, a wide range of possibilities.

adidas renews some of the most classic lines from the 80’s with the ZX-850, ideals both for them and for her.

The brand goes back some years to add the TPU unit that provides a cushioning you never felt before, so you need only think about enjoying your sneakers.

We show your every colour available at

adidas ZX 850-D65238


The adidas ZX 850 in navy blue with salmon and white details were designed specially for her and perfectly match your most spring-like looks and add colour.

Materials like mesh and suede provide transpirability and comfort for those warm summer days.

Adidas-ZX-850-D65238_1  Adidas-ZX-850-D65238_2  Adidas-ZX-850-D65238_3  Adidas-ZX-850-D65238_4

adidas ZX 850-D65905


The colours in these adidas ZX 850 make them a classic: it’s not the first time -and it won’t be the last- that adidas brings us sneakers that combine blue, white and red. There is no doubt that if you look for comfort and have a conservative style, these are your sneakers. Hands down.

Adidas-ZX-850-D65905_1  Adidas-ZX-850-D65905_2  Adidas-ZX-850-D65905_3  Adidas-ZX-850-D65905_4

adidas ZX 850-D65237


Do the classics bore you? Don’t worry, adidas thinks about you too and thats why they delight us with this wonderful sneaker. The adidas ZX 850 in greenish grey with neon yellow details will make you feel like one-of-a-kind.

adidas-ZX-850-D65237_1  adidas-ZX-850-D65237_2  adidas-ZX-850-D65237_3  adidas-ZX-850-D65237_4

adidas ZX 850-D65904


If the previous sneakers left you so awestruck that they didn’t really convince you, you can also find them in black with light blue and white details.

For the most old-fashioned ones.

adidas-zx-850-d65904_1  adidas-ZX-850-D65904_2  adidas-zx-850-d65904_3  adidas-ZX-850-D65904_4

Which is your favourite?