Air Jordan 1 Banned Flyknit


The “Banned” Air Jordan 1 was one of the more hotly anticipated Jumpman releases in recent memory. The hype was more than real, whether it was server-crashing buys online or curb-crowding lines awaiting the in-store release. Thankfully, most fans were satisfied with the final product. Now, we go from the fairly premium leather build of the OG to a more modern build. The “Banned” Air Jordan 1 takes on a lightweight Flyknit!

The colorway was never really going to change much with the switch in materials. The “Banned” iteration is just too iconic and beloved to risk any alterations. With that being said, the knit upper does add a welcome touch of contemporary design. Unlike the Air Jordan 31, this AJ 1 is fully fitted in the brand’s signature Flyknit. It significantly reduces the weight of the shoe and adds a different texture to the Red portions, including the back-end of the sneaker.

It’s hard to imagine this version will outdo the OG in terms of sales. But, it’s perhaps more important here that the “Banned” Air Jordan 1 Flyknit took on an updated build without compromising the colorway that upset many NBA higher ups when the OG released. A refreshing twist that doesn’t take it too far! Find it now at our Jordan section.