Air Max 1 #top3challenge

Do you know about the #top3challenge?. This is a hashtag used in Instagram and that is included in photos where there appears your three favorite pairs of a certain model.

At foot District we wanted to do a small compilation of the best #top3challenge of the model Nike Air Max 1 as a tribute for its thirty birthdays. Lets go there!


Undoubtedly, we remain with Air Max 1 x Huf “Hufquake”. Both the Atmos and the Keep Rippin Stop Slippin they got nothing to despite. One real #top3challenge.



We are lucky enough that it is not necessary to go out of our borders to see spectacular collections. Out of the top 3 of @ohhhhhhhhmygod we choose the “Pink Pack” and its spectacular colourway.



The miscellany of colors from the collaboration between Nike and Kid Robot leaves us once again speechless. If to this we add the Amsterdam and the Patta x Parra vine with its Swoosh made of terry we know that this top 3 is in our selection.



This collector says that “crazy colors” are a need in his closet and his #top3challenge demonstrates it. The Supreme Tech Pack has one of the most special colourways inside the  Air Max 1 scale.



Looking for different things, we have chosen this top 3 for a very special model where it appears. They are the Air Max 1 Lemonade, its print makes them really special and very popular.


Here our small selection is finished, thanks to all for your collaboration, it has been a pleasure 😀