An appetizer based on spritz for this Christmas Eve

Lately, there is a custom, especially on northern Italy, which consists in meeting friends after work to have an appetizer based on a cocktail called Spritz.

The spritz is a drink that comes from the Véneta region and that, according to the legend, was created by the Austrian soldiers stationed in Venice during the 19th century, to soften the strong flavor of the venetos wines.

Pilar Prego sends me the receipt from Rímini: 3 parts of Aperol, although you can also use Campari or the Cynar; two parts of Prosecco, sparkling Véneto wine and soda water.

You can also add a slice of orange or lemon. The Italians have this appetizer from 6 pm onwards. There are many bars where this is served along with pasta, sandwiches or piadine.