Are hipsters all the sneakerheads?

Many times people ask me if the sneakerheads are all hipsters: fashionables in New Balance or Puma reissues, framed glasses, 30-days-long beard, and fans of the retro and vintage stuff.

Ii is true that hipsters have style choosing sneakers. They are always attentive to the exclusive models that look good with their rara avis shirts and their ultra-modern gadgets. It is said that being a hipster is already mainstream, that is old-fashioned, ancient, but this is a contradiction, isn’t it? Is there something more fashion than the fashionables?

Similarly, the sneakerheads, sneakerholics and others addicted to the sneakers show lots of personality through their sneaks. There is an extensive documentation process behind: dozens of specialized publications, as Sneaker Freaker or Complex Magazine, hundreds of blogs, Instagram accounts and super-cool staging for each new release.

A sneakerhead expects each reissue of the legendary models like a hipster a new version of iPad. And as a BoBo is aware of bohemian locals, a sneakerholic knows about limited editions and inedited custom models. It could be said that, in their own way, they are also fashionables.

In my opinion, although sometimes both stereotypes do happen to meet in the same person, nor all the hipsters are sneakerheads – many wear worn Oxford shoes instead of sneakers – or all sneakerholics are moderns. Just look at Lil Wayne, chosen by Complex one of The 25 Biggest Celebrity Sneakerheads and far far away from Jared Leto hipster style.


What is your opinion on this?