Asics Gel-Respector “Tonal” Pack

It is undeniable that the Asics Gel-Respector owes a lot to the Gel-Lyte III or the Gel-Lyte V, despite haven been overshadowed by them to a certain extent. Among other things, it had the bad luck of being the fourth in the series, 4 in Japan being an unlucky number, thus it was given the name Gel-Respector instead of Gel-Lyte IV. However, despite its lack of fame, it does have its own peculiarities making it unique, like for example the double lacing system with strategically placed holes directly in the leather upper, or the plastic appliques that improve the fit even more than with the usual system.

Either way, it does not take second place when compared to its peers, and the “Tonal” Pack is evidence of this. Available in either gold or “Indian ink” blue, the leather finish is incredibly elegant. The Asics Gel-Respector “Tonal” Pack colors are monochromatic and make both the side details and the brand’s silver logo stand out against the strong blue tone. Unlike its predecessors, the Gel-Respector renounces the waves of color that ran across the midsole and in exchange has added labels on the tongue and heel of the shoe. It’s worth repeating that the Asics Gel-Respector “Tonal” pack or any of the Respectors deserve a spot next to the Gel-Lyte III, since they also feature the GEL technology and protective structure in the heel made of PVC.

Asics-Gel-Respector-Tonal-Pack Asics-Gel-Respector-Tonal-Pack3 Asics-Gel-Respector-Tonal-Pack4

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