Charming and affordable restaurants in Rome (and III).

Maybe you should stop reading this post, write the restaurant name and address down with no more info, as I did. This restaurant disconcerts you from the very same moment in which a waiter with a down to earth and self-confidence personality so typical of the romans, points you a table , full of smalls dishes with cheese and cold meat, mussels, stew shrimps, squids, smoked salmon. And with no more explanations as if you were a lifelong customer, he asks you if you want to go for the fish or the meat. That’s the only decision to be taken in the restaurant I Quattro mori.

I Quattro Mori is a sardan restaurant, called like that due to the Four Moors head of the Sardinia Island flag.

The first thing that crossed my mind is that they had allocated me a table in which the dishes were being placed before being distributed to other tables. Then I asked the waiter and he confirmed to me these were the antipasti of my menu. I thought I hadn’t heard it right and with not much confidence, I started to finish them off to leave room for what was coming.

Not much time passed and the waiter brought me a risotto alla crema si scampi, this was like a life-saver in between the confusion caused since I arrived to the restaurant. After that, they served me linguine allo scoglio, great stuff.

I went for the meat and to be honest, I’d rather have taken fish, the fish dishes looked excellent.

The dessert disappointed me because the fruit, although it came with ice was tasteless. But I don’t come to Italy to have fruit and the bottles of limoncello and grappa that brought me consoled me.

The location of the restaurant, close to the Vatican defines the customers. In the table at my side, there was a german priest assigned in the Vatican who was speaking, to say it politely, a bit loud. Spaniards are not the only ones who do this 

To sum it up, it’s an irregular restaurant but it has something that I miss more and more: the personality.

I Quattro Mori is situated in Via di S. Maria alle Fornaci 8/a (Porta Cavalleggeri). Rome. (As the business card quotes it’s 200m away from Saint Pietro sqaure.).

* Risotto alla crema di scampi: Risotto with shrimps
** Linguine allo scoglio: Linguine with seafood.
*** Maialino sardo: Sardan piglet receipt.
**** Grappa: Marc