Charming and affordable restaurants in Rome (I).

I know tourists that got astonished when the waiter brings them the bill for just two milanesas with chips in one of the numerous terraced trattorias at Navona Piazza. That’s why it’s always recommended to be provided of some recommendations when you pay a visit to a city. In these series we will give you some tips of some restaurants in Rome.

We will start, as it had to be, recommending a pizza restaurant; perhaps one of the most known in the city. To be honest with you, if your stay in Rome is not going to be long, I would surely go to this place.

The Montecarlo was founded on 1986 and is located at Vicolo Savelli, an alley that starts on Corso Vittorio Emmanuele II, close to Piazza Navona in the center of Rome.

From the outside, it wouldn’t attract attention if it weren’t for the several ad displays that show us it’s recommended on several travel guides. This is a guarantee of quality and good price.

When you get into the restaurant, we will notice it is plainly decorated but also cozy. On the walls, you can see pictures of popular and also anonymous customers. Once you are sat at your table, you can go for the antipasti as a starter and then, of course, the pizza. I don’t dare to make a recommendation but in Italy, I can’t resist to order the simplest, the Margherita. This is always the best option when the ingredients , in this case, tomatoes, mozzarella and basil are the best ones.

All the Napolitean pizzas are made on a thin and crispy crust that is always served on aluminium plates. You can also order a beer and you won’t pay more than twelve or thirteen euros.

Pizzería La Montecarlo