Charming and affordable restaurants in Rome (II).

You can’t deny that the Trattoria dal Cavalier has its own personality. I recall that I came across with it by chance wandering around the Parliament, in a narrow vicolo* that can easily be overseen by the distracted tourist. You can find here a place of disjointed decoration, as if it does not follow a specific plan but the simple passing of the time. The walls are filled by photos, paintings, maps or any object that crossed the mind of the owner.

It was a bit late this time when I arrived and had to wait a while to have my tonnarelli with mollusk served, although I could have waited for a week and the wait would still be worthy.

Civil servants, politicians of the nearby Parlament and maybe some lost Japanese tourist fill the restaurant. You can feel there is a special relationship between the Parliament and the restaurant and as such, the latter shows pride for it. None other than the former Italian Republic President, Sandro Peritini, thought of it as one his favorite restaurants. As an anecdote, he took the Spanish King to this place in one of his visits to Italy.

It offers Roman traditional cuisine. Although I usually go for the menu, I strongly recommend the tonnarelli alla ciociara, with mushorooms and bacon or the ravioli alla ricotta e spinaci; or the same as ever fettuccine. The second dishes follow the same principles, no stridency no demagogy, the involtini or the spezzatino, without forgetting the abbacchio *** alla cacciatora, so typical from the Lazio region.

Trattoria dal Cavalier Gino: Vicolo Rosini, 4 (near the Parliament). 00186 Rome.
Trattoria dal Cavalier Gino
*Vicolo: Callejón.
** Spezzatino: Stew.
*** Abbacchio: Alley.