Define lightness in 5 words – Puma Archive Lite Low Mesh

The lightness is one of the features that the sneakers brands are after. Nike with its known Nike Free stands out from the crows. But there are other brands like Puma that do not lag behind and launch new models to the market. In this case, this is not a technical shoe as the Free but its lightness is worth a try. Its weight is 11 ping-pong balls. Puma, in a great move, has quantified the exact weight of the shoe. We, the customers, thank that. I have never played ping pong but I have had a ball of ping pong in my hands and that’s light.

It’s a great shoe for the summer. It has kept my attention the greenlake upper of one of the models. Have your pair now at foot District!

Puma Archive Lite Low Mesh grey

Puma Archive Lite Low Mesh greenlake