foot District sponsors Pechakucha Night León

We are very proud to sponsor Pechakucha Night Leon. This event was born in Tokyo and nowadays it gets hosted in more than 700 cities all over the world. It was devised for young designers to meet and show their works. The creator came up with a very original presentation format in which the speaker only had 20 seconds per slide. In fact, the Pechakucha Night slogan reflect it: ” 20 images x 20 seconds”

The Pechakucha Night León will be hosted at the Contemporary Art Museum in Leon. It’s worth noting that the very same day other Pechakucha Nights will be celebrated at New York, Orlando or Zagreb.

Pechakucha Night León Musac

To get to know a bit more of this event, we present you a ranking of your favorite presentations. You can find many more on

 1. Fun Gallery – Art from the Streets

 2. Nooka

 3. Better, but Boring: The Modern State of Men’s Fashion

4. Art evolution

5. The hidden spaces

6. From Japanese Graffiti to Drain Spotting

7. Prophet of the future