foot District visits the Nike Tech Pack Studio Madrid

We’ve known Tech Fleece since 2013, but a few days ago we had the honor of being invited by Nike to get to know the Nike Tech Pack Studio in Madrid, allowing us to get closer to, learn, touch and see as we never had before. In unbeatable surroundings like the penthouse of the Palacio de la Prensa in Madrid, we spent a nice morning discovering this new space created by Nike, dedicated to all things related to the Tech Pack. In an interactive journey, where we were even given some clothing which had been customized on the go, the main goal was to feature the Tech Pack FW 2015 collection. The expectations are so high we cannot help but wonder what surprises the brand has in store for winter.

During the first part of the visit they showed us the collection in full detail:

Visita Nike Tech Pack Studio

Since they were first released, the concept of these items, so innovative thanks to the use of Tech Fleece, was clear: to achieve maximum breathability with the least weight posible, together with warmth and isolation. Nike hasn’t stopped researching and innovating to this day improving the results, which we could check in situ. This was possible thanks to the use of materials as usual as fleece and cotton, with spectacular results because of cut-edge manufacture. With the classic fleece as a clear inspiration, the composition of the Tech Fleece achieves -thanks to an isolating air layer- a textile that protects you from the cold with the efficacy of wool without all its drawbacks, and it is use also in the manufacture of sneakers.

As we already mentioned, to these technical advantages we need to add an innovative design. At a first glance they look similar in style to other Nike sportswear items, but small details take these clothes to a whole new level: minimal seams, zip designs, collar designs, Tech Fleece Pant for a perfect feet in the hips and ankles. With an overall functional style, you can nevertheless choose from simpler items, bright colors or camouflage prints.

Momento durante la vista en el que el personal de Nike nos enseña el producto, Footdistrict

One of the reasons why the visit was so special was the fact that, in addition to getting some sweatshirts as a gift, there was a customizing stand to make these products unique.

Momento de la personalización

As a bonus, we could also enjoy The Anatomy of Air celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Air Max 95.

Detalle instalación

And there was more still! Nove25 showed a goldsmith’s attention to detail when engraving silver Tag Laces for your sneakers. We could also enjoy live the effectiveness of Jason Markk cleaning products (who doesn’t want their sneakers to look like the first day?), Happy Socks and Mr Lacy.

Momento de la personalización

Even though we know that only through real touch is it possible to enjoy the softness and special touch of the Tech Pack (we cannot stress this enough), but we prepared a video for you to see through our eyes and share, in the best possible way we can, our experience in this visit.