How do the Hyperfuse and Free technologies work?

Nike is one of the brands which allocates more resources for footwear innovation, in order to improve their customers satisfaction. Some time ago we talked about technologies like the Lunarlon or the Air technology, and today it’s the swoosh brand’s turn again to get their technologies reviewed.

Free and Hyperfuse, sole and upper, there we go!


Nike hast always tended to bet for ongoing improvements on their sneakers’ sole, right from the beginning of the brand during the 70’s with the introduction of new materials, air chambers, cushioning… And that’s why 10 years ago they released their first model with Free sole, the Nike Free 5.0.

Tecnología Free

With this release, Nike intended to approach the “barefoot” concept, which means that Nike wanted to offer sneakers that provide a complete barefoot feeling.

Free technology is mainly based on the addition of slots along the sole, strategically placed according to the foot’s shape. These slots help improve the flexibility of the sneakers, which results in better comfort both for exercise and our everyday needs.

Furthermore, Nike didn’t focus only in creating comfort for the foot: this technology also intends to improve the wearer’s health. The reason is that the Free sole causes the foot to exercise muscles that barely move with other types of sneakers, thus helping prevent potential injuries.


It all began back in 2010, when a Nike innovation team that was staying in Beijing realized that basket sneakers that were worn in the streets wore down really bad. Accordingly, they started to work on the design of new, more durable, lightweight and breathable materials.

The idea of joining these three features was embodied by a three-layered textile, and this new material and production process is what we call the Hyperfuse technology. But, how do they achieve the combination of this three characteristics?

Firstly, they use a layer of synthetic material that provides stability to the set, and that supports the remaining layers. Onto this layer, a new mesh layer is fixed, providing the desired breathability and lastly, a TPU or thermoplastic polyurethane is added.

Tecnología Hyperfuse

These three layers are pressed together at a high temperature, thus obtaining a highly durable, flexible result and rendering a very innovative look to the sneakers, with a wide variety of colours and an almost seamless upper.

Concerning this technology’s performance, it provides outstanding breathability thanks to the different kinds of mesh, located according to the area of the foot they are placed on. In addition, it provides this sneaker with a global stability superior to that of the usual leather.