I choose Le Coq Sportif Monge

Trainers, tennis, gym shoes, running shoes, sneakers … There are so many names that comes to my mind…. How do you call them? To be honest I have never been very enthusiastic about the trainers. I wore them when I was a little to go to gym class and never to hang out to my friends. They weren’t in fashion. However, today’s designs have improved and now I feel I want to buy them all.

It doesn’t surprise me that there are people who have gone crazy over sneakers, Nacho and Diego for example :); there are precious ones worthy of collection. Brands like Nike, New Balance, Puma or Le Coq Sportif make incredible shoes. The first one of my collection will be the Le Coq Sportif Monge. It’s different from other trainers. It’s really comfortable. I have been wearing them for days, the same than guys do. So, tell me, what is your favourite trainer?

Le Coq Sportif Monge Twill CVS 1311339 - foot District