Le Coq Sportif Bolivar – Reinventing the myth.

Though I was only 2 and I don’t have real memories of that time, 1986 brings me back to México ’86 World Cup when “el Pelusa” made some of the best plays in the football history. Maradona, by the way, made all this with the argentinian shirt on, the rooster’s one of course. On that year, Le Coq Sportif launched one of its most representative shoes, the Milos.

This season, the brand brings us the Le Coq Sportif Bolivar, which aims to be the sucessor of the iconic Milos. To this end, this running shoe keeps the slender-shape, flexible sole, and lightness of its predecessor.

In foot District , you will find the Le Coq Sportif Bolivar in two orginal colorways.