Le Coq Sportif Lady Eclat: elegance on the track

The wait has been worthy! Le Coq Sportif responds to the wishes of its female fans with the reissue of one of the most legendary models of the brand, the Le Coq Sportif Lady Eclat.

Clearly inspired by the original model from 1986, the new Lady Eclat keeps the style and elegance that made it successful in the 80’s. To give shape to its singular silhouette, the French brand has used a well-known combination of materials for the running models, nylon-suede. It is precisely over the nylon where the logo looks better than ever. Although we are talking about a sneaker with plenty of interesting features, we would like to highlight the D-shaped eyelets, which will make the lacing easier.

What about the colors? We are happy with the chosen shades for the Le Coq Sportif Lady Eclat, for both the blue-fuchsia (Lady Eclat 1321253) and the turquoise-blue (Lady Eclat 1321251) models. See below some pics, judge for yourselves!




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