“Made in France”: Le Coq Sportif x Opinel Turbo Style

All about heritage

Say what you want about Le Coq Sportif, the brand is proud of its heritage. The folks over at the legendary sportswear provider have always had a habit of celebrating and commemorating their French roots. Through the years, we’ve seen releases that honor some of the great sports teams that their famous logo has sponsored. Of course, we’ve also gotten some retro models return. Now, we get a look at their most home-centric release to date, the Le Coq Sportif x Opinel Turbo Style “Made in France”.

LCS’s decision to align its product with a French knife maker is one that is centered around a love for one’s country. With that being said, both partners also have a flair for quality. As many of us know, this isn’t the first time the brand has opted for a locally made model. Previous releases have involved the use of local artisans to deck models out in premium materials. For this release, the Turbo Style is dressed in some luxurious camel leather and set up with mountain boot style lacing. The midsole boasts the Tri Color of the French flag, adding more patriotism.

There are 300 pairs to be released in men’s sizes, each coming with an Opinel no.8 knife. There are 100 pairs in kids sizes, coming with a childproof “My first Opinel” blade. To be sure, it’s among the more unique pieces of collaborative marketing. But, you can be sure the final product is in the highest of quality.

Find it now at our Le Coq Sportif section.

Le Coq Sportif x Opinel Turbo Style “Made in France”

Le Coq Sportif x Opinel Turbo Style “Made in France”