Meet Mario Mesquita Borges, the man behind Cult Edge and MATÉRIA:estilo

Today at foot District we have the pleasure of interviewing the man behind two great online magazines: Mario Mesquita Borges, founder of Cult Edge and MATÉRIA:estilo

In 2012, Mario decided to apply all his previous experience to found the Cult Edge, a site that spreads all things different from the conventional media, be it sneakers, fashion or culture.


And since 2013 he’s also the editor and founder of MATÉRIA:estilo, a reference magazine in Portugal for fashion and sneaker lovers.

MATERIA:estilo homepage

Today he shares with us his experience as the founder of both magazines and talks about his passion for sneakers. Don’t miss everything he has to say!

As a digital connoisseur, you have worked as a Content Producer and writer. What encouraged you to found your own magazines, Cult Edge and MATÉRIA:estilo?

I have a professional background both as a journalist and also as a content producer, so that basically gave me the tools and the knowledge to get on such an endeavor; still, and most of all, what really made me do it was the need to spread around the difference, to share with people that there is an enormous world of possibilities out there, whether regarding sneakers, menswear, culture, accessories, the fact is that there is an alternative beyond the so called mainstream. I am not a value preacher, far from it, nevertheless I do believe in sharing about other ways of creating cultural distinction, of thinking and imagining beyond the frame that the world lives in.

– How were the beginnings? What were the main difficulties you encountered?

As you of course know, the sneakers and menswear online editorial scene is highly competitive, there are dozens of sites out there and it is really hard to try and compete and keep up with sites that have like teams with dozens of people working for them. Knowing this, I try to always offer differentiated content, namely interviews, or I try and select different models and brands, or simply sharing about a distinct brand, that way creating nouvelle content and insight, sharing the message that it really is possible to find different and original editorial product on the Cult Edge and not only some copy/paste material.

– Cult Edge stands for difference, coolness and grandeur. How do you manage to convey these ideals?

As I said earlier my mission continues to be to share about what really stands out as differentiated and distinct cultural material; basically it is all about telling the world that the illusion of uniqueness still exists and that we all have the possibility to stand tall and to make our own social statement, whether by wearing a different shirt, reading a not so well known author, or trying to discover about a new brand of sneakers – I am not saying that we should all be misfits, still it is a fact that going down the same road as all the others tends to be boring (at least that’s what I think).

– How did you come up with the “Master of the Cult Edge” section? Do you have a favorite character from this section?

When I started the Cult Edge I thought that I really needed to have the inspiration of some cultural leaders, people that really made a difference in this world. If I had to pick one up that would have to be Steve McQueen – basically because the man was really the king of cool, a persona that had natural born style like no other. 



– Lets talk about sneakers. At MATÉRIA:estilo you focus on the portuguese audience. How would you describe the sneaker world in Portugal right now? Is there a growing interest towards sneakers?

The Portuguese sneaker community is growing steady I might say. Up until last year (2013) there were a lot of people that collected and that were real sneakerheads, but the fact is that they were all spread around, basically there was not like a way of getting all those people together, to really create a kind of a community. So last year, I alongside Tiago Escada Ramos and Pedro Lima created a group called Sneakers Love Portugal on Facebook. We now have about 2500 members and we’re growing each and every day. Things are evolving In terms of creating a community and a movement, but there is still a long way to go regarding the whole business (there is not a real sneaker store in the whole country at the moment for instance – by a real sneaker store I mean one that has a portfolio with more than five brands or so).

– What are your predictions for the sneaker industry? Have you detected any upcoming tendencies?

I believe that the way to go has to be to create the ultimate balance between heritage and a futuristic approach; offering disruptive design without disregarding the whole history of a shoe. I also believe that the possibilities regarding new materials and ways of creating new models are like endless – 3D printers will have a crucial part on this I believe.

– You are yourself a sneaker lover. Do you have a favourite brand?

If I had to pick one up it would have to be Nike, because of the countless eternal models that I have created. However, I am also a big fan of Vans, New Balance, Asics, adidas and also of new brands like Losers for instance.

– If you had to pick just one model, which would it be?

That is like impossible to tell – I have so many favorite models – I’ll have to name three: the adidas Stan Smith, the Air Jordan 1 and the Vans Oldskool, each and every one of those for too many specific reasons that would be really complicated to describe :).

stan-smith-agujeros air-jordan-1-retro99-654140-101_1_1


Thanks to Mario Mesquita Borges for agreeing to do the interview! Don’t forget to visit Cult Edge and MATÉRIA:estilo 🙂