Top 5 Michael Jordan Commercials

Michael Jordan, one of the top players of the history of NBA; he started playing basketball at age 13, in his backyard, where he started improving and beating himself day by day.

As his personal obsessions for good luck, his ongoing choice of the number 23 for his shirt gets our attention. He wasn’t supposed to use this number again after the stop in his career due to his father’s murder, but given that he demonstrated that he was simply one of the best, he was allowed to get his invaluable number back as a special favor. Yet another fixation is wearing clothing from the University of North Carolina, where he got his first important triumphs, under his team clothing.

Michael Jordan is one of the most relevant characters of the sports world, and stars on many Nike commercials. So as we searched through some of his spots, we came up with the idea of making a top 5 of those we liked best: There they go!

1. Michael Jordan- “Maybe it’s my fault”

First place for this spot, which can be summarized in just one word: MOTIVATION. It serves as an inspiration for all those who, in the face of everyday difficulties, are brought down by the problems they find along the way.

Michael Jordan shows that he wasn’t born as a basketball star; it was his effort and daily work which took him to his goal: the top.

2. Michael Jordan- “Break to Build”

This is another spot that Nike dedicates to the motivation of sports amateurs. Once again, if something doesn’t work for you, change your strategy, start all over again and you’ll find it is easier that you have thought.


3. Michael Jordan- “It’s not about the shoes”

We keep on with the slogan “motivation”: the shoes, in this case sneakers, don’t make the player. Effort and everyday work are the only steps that can make a project go as planned.


4. Michael Jordan- “Failure”

And yet more motivation. Success is nothing more than a million continuous failures, along with small triumphs; so don’t think that just because you have found a difficulty on your way it means you won’t reach your goal. To the contrary, have faith in yourself and keep moving forward.


5. Air Jordan- “Seize the Day” Carmelo Anthony

The point is making a habit out of experience, and trying always to improve both proffessionaly and personally, and never settling for what’s easy.


So go ahead! Take your favourite sneakers, lace up and go take on the world!