More shoes for the Chinese New Year: adidas Tubular CNY

It has been done by Reebok, Jordan and now Adidas is also celebrating the Chinese New Year as best as they know how. The Tubular has been chosen for the occasion with three different models:

12552790_1066432813390902_8424269355855970717_nUndoubtedly, the most special and risky due to their renouncing of the modernity to which we are accustomed is the adidas Tubular Doom CNY.

Adidas-Tubular-Doom-CNYWith features such as the upper high top which is literally a sock, the adidas Tubular Doom CNY convey the feeling of an old-time shoe. It is impossible not to think of traditional Chinese shoes and sandals upon seeing them, due to the details of the leather strap with a rough texture that mimics snake skin. Another aspect of the adidas Tubular Doom CNY that leaves no doubt as to their inspiration, is the colorway that was chosen, a bright red that in addition to being ubiquitous in the oriental world, couldn’t not be part of the shoe when this year is the sign of fire. And if red cannot fail, what’s better than gold for the discrete detail of a monkey’s head on the heel, the animal that will “control” our destiny in 2016 starting February 8th.

Adidas-Tubular-Doom-CNY5 Adidas-Tubular-Doom-CNY3 Adidas-Tubular-Doom-CNY2 Adidas-Tubular-Doom-CNY4But the Year of the Monkey also leaves us with two other gifts: the adidas Tubular X CNY and the adidas Tubular Runner CNY. Both models are very similar, the runner in fact preserves the unchanged silhouette of the latest Tubular Runner, adapting the materials and colorway to the celebration. But the most striking feature of the Tubular X CNY that adidas has included is the especially elongated tongue-shaped upper, and a general trend of using the original form of the basketball sneaker. In all other respects it’s the same as its companion: with mesh, snake leather and details in the mythical red and “imperial Chinese” gold.

Adidas-Tubular-Runner-CNY Adidas-Tubular-Runner-CNY2 Adidas-Tubular-X-CNY Adidas-Tubular-X-CNY2The adidas Tubular CNY are available at It’s a limited edition so act fast before the sizes run out. A shoes like that has got to be lucky!