New Balance 574 Pop Safari Pack: A walk on the wild side!

The american brand doesn’t stop surprising us with the creation of different packs. Today, I want to talk about the New Balance 574 Pop Safari

They key to these sneakers is the choice of a flashy colourway, mixed with a totally wild touch.

In addition, all of them have an upper made of ripstop, a soft but durable material, and all of them feature ENCAP technology on the sole, which makes them really comfortable. Do you want to learn more?

New Balance WL 574 BP

This first sneaker of the pack has blue as a main colour, on which the green N, heel stabilizer, lining and sole contrast in green. In fewer places but also important we can see on the upper some magenta and red details.


We can see on the tongue the “animal” touch of these New Balance WL 574 BP, with a print that simulates the pattern that zebras use to camouflage.

new-balance-wl-574-bp_5 new-balance-wl-574-bp_3

New Balance WL 574 RP

Let’s see the second model. The upper of these 574 RP is covered by teal. For me, the colour that stands out against that is the magenta present on the laces, sole and heel.


Orange and yellow are featured on the lining and sole with an spectacular result, together with the print on the tongue, also inspired by a zebra pattern.

new-balance-wl-574-rp_9  new-balance-wl-574-rp_3

New Balance WL 574 PY

To complete this Pop Safari Pack, New Balance offers a sneaker with warm tonalities. This WL 574 PY is coated by magenta, orange and yellow.


new-balance-wl-574-py_2 new-balance-wl-574-py_6

In this model, teal is not so powerful as on the previous one, and is present only on the laces and heel. Like all the other sneakers from this Pop Safari Pack, the zebra print covers the tongue adding the wild touch characteristic from this Pack.

Do you want yours? You can get them at our online store here.