Even More Hybrid with the New Balance .9 Pack

Behold: New Balance .9 Pack

New Balance has a serious habit of crushing every colorway they put out. To this point, the brand is more known for its locally sourced “Made in USA” and “Made in England” line. but, we’ve seen some serious collab heat come from New Balance. Some of the biggest names, from all over the world, have come together with the American shoemaker to put out some underrated fire. Now, New Balance goes back into their own archives to put the modern spin on some of their classics. The 1500, 991 and 770 are the focus of this release, getting a tech-focused upgrade on the bottom half.

The shoes in this pack maintain a lot of their OG appeal. The silhouettes are the same and the color schemes are reminiscent of each sneaker’s flair. For its part, the 1500.9 in this pack might very well steal the show. Sporting a bright Pink tongue, this model is joined by two other hues for some imaginative color blocking. Essentially, you can’t go wrong with this one. The 991.9 goes pretty hard as well, appealing to the retro runner fans of old, popping in a Christmas-like scheme with a Black contrast. Finally, the 770.9 is highlighted by a rich Purple on the heel.

Each of these models pops with some serious color. But, the main draw here might be the tech upgrade. Each of these old-school models used to sport support and impact protection features that were industry-leading at the time. Highlighted by ENCAP on the midsole back then, we see that take a serious upgrade. The midsoles of each pair in this pack are no in the 990v3 form. Representing the latest in NB cushioning tech, this is a step in a modern direction for all time classic model.

There’s nothing like a little bit of new added to a little bit of the old. Crucially, it’s even more impressive when the unique voice of the retro isn’t lost to this modern addition. The 990v3 cushion set up is a welcome addition thanks to its impact protection and durability. Moreover, the bulk and shape of the midsole is in line with the aesthetic that most fans of New Balance models are used to. The brand brings us the best of both worlds here, and it is executed beautifully. Don’t miss out on these no-doubt classics!