New Balance M 577 “Napes Pack”: take the challenge!

The human being can get hooked on hundreds of different things. This explains why climbing, one of the most dangerous sports, has thousands of followers, who are actually adrenaline junkies. Straight from the name of the pack, New Balance pays a tribute with the “Napes Pack” to the fearless climbers of the Napes Needle, a well-known rock which, back in the XIXth century, became a reference point for rock-climbing in the United Kingdom.

The usual esthetic of New Balance blends with the essence of old-school climbing gear, and this is why the colourway reminds us of trekking boots of the latest decades.

_DSC4162Devil’s in the details, and the Napes Pack doesn’t only pay attention to color, but also to details: the white bottom of the midsole is covered by a marble print that resembles rocks, the speckled laces are similar to those on mountain boots, the embroidered UK flag or the striking badge on the tongues.

_DSC4592 (1)

The pack consists of two models, the first of them the New Balance M 577 NGB. They feature a striking upper with a grey base and blue, maroon and yellow details.


On the other hand, the New Balance M 577 NGO feature a more subtle colourway where anthracite grey prevails. The details this time are orange and blue.

_DSC4583 (1)And, since not only the looks matter, the endurance and effort spirit has been taken into account when selecting the materials: the upper is made of premium suede, nylon and ripstop, joining the durability of mountain gear and the flexibility and comfort of sneakers. Also, the midsole features ENCAP technology, which takes care of impact absorption in each step.

_DSC4157Also, the midsole features ENCAP technology, which takes care of impact absorption in each step.

_DSC4594 (1)Maybe our goal is not 600 meters high, but it could be instead passing a test, giving up smoking, daring to ask for a telephone number. It just maybe that the true meaning lies in the sacrifice, the effort and the adrenaline before reaching the summing. So… get your New Balance M 577 before you misstep!