Nike Air Max 1 Print, a dash of colour

They first came to foot District with dull colors. Grey and black were the colors Nike chose for the Air Max 1 Print, with the flashy touch of the white sprinkles on the lower part of the upper.

Now these new Nike Air Max 1 Print arrive, sharing the same motif but with a much flashier colourway, which reminds us that spring warmth is closer every day.


Black and white are the main colors on this sneaker. Several pieces with a Tie Dye print mixing Pink Pow and Total Orange overlay the black.


The white areas feature the sprinkles print that turn it into such a special model.


Mesh and leather have been used on its manufactured, while the bright areas of the sneaker are made of synthetic textile. As a result, these Nike Air Max 1 Print join durability and flexibility.

If you want your pair of Air Max 1, you can get them right now at foot District.