The 7 best Nike Air Max photos on Instagram

Here at foot District we love to scan instagram looking for cool sneaker pics. This week we focused on searching for photos of a sneaker we told you about not long ago: The Nike Air Maxand let me tell you, there are all kinds of photos with the #nikearmax tag: New Balance photos, sneaker box photos, really unfortunate selfies… but there are indeed some outstanding photographs that capture the whole essence of the Nike Air Max. Would you like to see the 7 we liked best?

7º: teeorie78 – Nike Air Max 1

teeorie78 wears some beautiful Air Max 1’s. Their blue and green combination might surprise those on the conservative side, but we just love it!


6º: redruum92 – Nike Air Max 90 Hyperfuse “Independence Day”

redruum92 must have some good contacts to get his hands on this limited edition of the Air Max 90. And completing the look with skull-pattern socks is just the icing on the cake!


5º: vortiz8 – Nike Air Max 90 Sneakerboot NS

vortiz8 got an amazing shot. Those sneakerboots would have come in handy for last week’s snow, right?

vortiz8 airmax 90 Sneakerboot NS

4º: brooro – Nike Air Max 1 “Pink Pack”

brooro is not afraid to introduce pink in his look with these Air Max 1, and he won us with this beautiful photo with a river as a  background.

brooro Nike Air Max pink pack

3º: javierdevora – Nike Air Max 90

What we love most about this photo is the way javierdevora completes his stylish look with the classic Air Max 90. A great example of the best Street Style from Paseo de Gracia, in Barcelona. Hello from León!


2º: Kevincarrasso – Nike Air Max 1 Viotech

The Viotech are so cool that we might have chosen almost any photo. But Kevincarrasso takes it to a whole new level with this outstanding shot.

Kevincarrasso airmax 1 viotech

1º: solebeast671 – Nike Air Max 1 x Nike ID

There’s no doubt we are looking at a professional here. Those Nike IDE already hinted at it, but the photo’s composition with the magnificent Golden Gate on the background was the final clue: solebeast671 is a supreme sneakerhead and won’t settle for any shot of his sneakers.

solebeast671 Air Max 1 x Nike ID

Thanks to teeorie78redruum92vortiz8broorojavierdevora,  Kevincarrasso, and solebeast671 for allowing us to use their photos for this post ;).