Hybrid Vibes with the Nike Air VaporMax 97

Nike Air VaporMax 97

Though this is a normal part of Nike’s strategy, it’s fairly remarkable that there has been such a consistent level of quality. It becomes even more noticeable when you notice some of the experimentation. The latest example of this comes to us via the Nike Air VaporMax 97 (available for both men and women).

Air Max Day is fast approaching, and the Nike crew is in their usual playing-no-games attitude. You can bet we’ll see quite a few nostalgic drops, celebrating models such as the Air Max 98 and 93. But, as it turns out, Nike is also hitting us hard with the new drops this year.

nike air vapormax 97

A dream come true for all fans:

This shoe is going to be a dream come true for a lot of Swoosh fans. For some other people, it’s looking like a surprisingly smooth combination of two hype-heavy Air Max elements. The Air Max 97 pretty much speaks for itself. Known for its initial La Silver drop, this shoe’s design is as visually compelling as it gets.

The VaporMax, an innovative step forward for the line, is the stuff of heavy hype and chatter among collectors and style icons alike. Bringing the most striking aspects of each together is pretty insane – and looks insanely good.

The upper’s wavy design here comes with many of the features we associate with the 97, included the nylon tongue. A sole swap has replaced the usual Air bubble with the equally recognizable Vapor midsole.

It’s interesting to note the bulk this swap adds to the shoe as a whole. The visible air bubble is usually quite distinct on its own but is aesthetically outdone by the gaudy VaporMax. In this way, Nike manages not only to create a Frankenstein of Air but one that meets today’s bulk-is-fashionable sneaker market.

The All Black colorway certainly doesn’t hurt their efforts either. Nike’s Air Max Day celebrations are always a mixed bag of treats. After the Air Max 1 was celebrated from both a nostalgic and progressive standpoint, the same strategy is being employed this year thanks to releases such as the Air VaporMax 97.