Nike Flyknit Trainer “Bright Citron”: Bright Back at it

nike flyknit trainer bright citron

Lost in some of the Swoosh hype this year has been the considerable popularity of the Nike Flyknit Trainer. It really isn’t a stretch of the imagination either when you consider what we’re working with here. One of the main draws is a strong collection of colorways to choose from, from the relatively mundane to this latest Bright Citron look.

The Flyknit upper on this model is lightweight, flexible, and breathable. With that being said, there’s more to it! Much like previous models – the Flyknit Racer, for example – this upper comes with its own unique designs as well. This is a big reason why each colorway of the Flyknit Trainer jumps out at you in terms of aesthetics. From the Flywire cables to the gradient front-to-back look, it all adds up to a bold look.

The aforementioned Flywire cables are the key support feature here, holding your foot in place. Meanwhile, responsive Zoom cushioning keeps your strides comfortable and protected, It isn’t a heavy duty racing model, but you’ll likely be buying these for something other than running anyway. Regardless, the build on these is strong enough to last through everyday wears.

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