Why do you feel barefoot with the Nike Free 3.0 v5 EXT?

Has this Nike sneaker attracted your attention, and yet you have never understood the reason of their ergonomics?

In this post we show to you the Nike Free 3.0 v5 EXT available at foot District in the “for her” section, and while we are on it we tell you all the advantages of their design.

Have you always searched for the feeling of being barefoot in a sports sneaker? Then you are in for some celebration, because with the Nike Free 3.0 v5 EXT that feeling is guaranteed thanks to the Free” technology. The design of their sole with several slits is meant to perfectly adapt to the natural movement of your feet, while the carbon fiber that makes up the outer sole will make your sneaker more durable.


The fit, similar to that of a sock, is due to its almost seamless design and the mesh overlay both in the inside and the outside, which provides an optimum grip so you don’t suffer from painful sores or blisters that can make you stop your exercise routine. If you need some extra restraint to feel even safer, the “Flywire” system will provide it for the mid section of the foot, so your sneakers don’t go their own way while you exercise.


You know that behind every good invention there is a long process of observation of daily activities: this was also true for the designers of the free technology.

The history of “Free” originated from watching how a group of Stanford athletes trained barefoot on the golf course of the university; so three of the most brilliant students came up with the idea of enhancing their training experience by producing a sneaker which provided the same barefoot feeling. After lots of studies during eight years, they understood that the most important features for a runner where the position when landing, the natural movement of the step and the position of the toes. This is how the running sneakers Nike Free 3.0 v5 EXT hit the market, everything but conventional in design and technology.

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