Nike Free Run – Let your feet run freely

By just looking at this shoe, we understand why Nike is considered an innovative company. All the companies aim it but only some get it. I still remember when I first bought a pair of Nike Free Run shoes in the USA on 2005. I felt something indescribable. I used to wear a different kind of shoes and I had never worn anything so light.

The Free technology is based on letting your feet move naturally and freely. This seems obvious but not all the shoes get it. When you many other shoes, some feet muscles don’t work and gets atrophied. On the contrary, with a more free movement, these muscles will become stronger.

We have received three new models of Nike Free Run at the store. One in black and grey; another one in royal blue and fluoride and the last one which is, my favourite, in mole grey with the sole in a strawberry shade.

Nike Free Run 2ext Woven

Nike Free Run 2ext azul royal

Nike Free Run 2ext negro

Nike WMNS Free Run 2ext gris