Nike Roshe Run from running to the streets

This is a sneaker with a short story: designed in 2010 by Dylan Raasch, after more than sixteen suggestions for the sole and over fifty designs for its upper, in the end he chose a shape that was inspired by the bridges in eastern gardens. The first model to be released was green, in reference to the moss that grows in these gardens.

The Nike Roshe Run was originally intended for sports, since their main idea was to convey comfort and a fast recovery during the stride thanks to the technology used in their sole, made of EVA rubber.

Nevertheless, the colorways that Nike chose when designing the sneakers turned them into a perfect accessory for everyday outfits, as you can see in the post Bea wrote not long ago, where she chose the 10 best pictures of the Nike Roshe Run on Instagram.

If you find the Nike Roshe Run appealing, we introduce you to the two variations available right now at foot District.

To begin with, we have a basic Nike Roshe Run model, that features a sober colorway. It uses grey mesh on the whole upper, through which you can see a red area on the toes that creates an amazing effect, since this colour is also present on the sole. The distinctive touch in this sneakers is the yellow details, both on the tongue and on the heel.


Secondly, we show you the Nike Roshe Run Hyperfuse. Nike, as always at the forefront in what refers to technology, decided to upgrade the original Roshe model, and that’s why they added the Hyperfuse technology to the sneaker. With this technology, not less than three materials are joined in the same layer, thus improving features such as perspiration or step stability. This particular model comes in three grey tonalities, combined with black on the heel as well as white on the swoosh and the sole.


In conclusion, if you follow the latest trends and never give up on comfort, the Nike Roshe Run is your sneaker