Nike Roshe Run Hi Sneakerboot

Brands are getting ready for winter with tailor-made versions of their most characteristic silhouette. As Alfonso explained in his latest post, the change from low cuts to mid and high cuts is one of the most seen changes, but with these Nike Roshe Run Hi Sneakerboot the brand of the swoosh takes it to a whole new level.

One of the key concepts to the Roshe Run is minimalism. Nike started with this idea and built a sneaker that blends sports elements with features of the classic boot, always focusing on improved comfort for the toughest season of the year.


The essence of the Roshe is clearly embodied on the sole. One piece of Phylon makes up this lightweight sole with soft cushioning. The upper comes in quilted nylon with a DWR finish (which stands for durable and water-resistant). The fur lining adds extra comfort, and the isoleted toe box takes care of protection for the coldest days.


One of the features that Nike took from old-fashioned boots are the straps along the upper, which provide a tighter fit. In addition, the upper part can be adjusted to your legs to keep rain and snow out. Other details that add up to the comfort of these boot Nike Roshe Run are the loops on the tongue and heel or the grooved sole that improves flexibility.


As to the colourway, it is made of brown and maroon shades, with tribal patterns on the straps and pink shades on the lining. It contrasts nicely with the Roshe Run white sole.


To sum up, this is beyond doubt the Nike Roshe Run for winter. If you like it as much as we do, you can find it in our Nike online store :).