Reebok has arrived at foot District

The origin of Reebok goes all the way back to England in 1890, when Joseph William made his own athletics sneakers by hand by adding nails to the sole.

Soon this hobby turned into a business, and he ended up manufacturing sneakers for the best english athletes. These sneakers were called “Foster Deluxe Spike”.

After Joseph died his sons, James and John, took over the company and, intending to turn its image around, changed its name to Reebok, which comes from a gazelle that lives in Africa.

It was in the early 80’s when, with the release of an aerobics model called Freestyle, Reebok got to the first line in sports footwear. In addition, the company was purchased by Paul Fireman, who decided to promote it further in the USA.

The brand started to make a name for itself and inside the company they didn’t stop innovating, until in 1989 Reebok released one of the most cutting-edge technologies at the time: the Pump technology.

It allows the wearer to inflate air chambers located along the upper of the sneaker, so that it completely fits your foot. That’s why many elite athletes, in spite of the high price of the sneakers with Pump technology, would choose them for their daily training.

Models like the Reebok The Pump were used for basketball practice. Other models, like the Reebok Pump Court Victory were used by tennis players.

   Reebok The Pump    Reebok The Pump Court Victory   

Pics via: Counterkicks

Reebok also launched models for aerobics that featured this technology, such as the Reebok The Pump Aerobic Lite or the Reebok Pump Running, intended for running.

    Reebok The Pump Aerobic Lite    Reebok The Pump Running

Pics via: Counterkicks

Most of the athletes of that time wanted the pump-up sneakers, and so did we at foot District. Although we shouldn’t forget that other lines of this brand are just as awesome!

Bearing this in mind… we are pleased to announce that Reebok has arrived at foot District! And we want give a warm welcome to the two first models of the brand that we have just received.

Firstly, we want to introduce the Reebok LX 8500. They show a sober colourway with dark blue combined with a lighter tone. They also feature white and grey details, with a perfect result.


The high quality materials used on this Reebok LX 8500 are suede and mesh. They feature a heel stabilizer that makes walking easier, and the legendary brand logo with the United Kingdom flag.


Secondly, we have the Reebok Pump Running Dual. When they appeared they were intended for running, and today that characteristic essence is still easily perceived.


Their aggressive silhouette and wide sole remind us of its origins. They feature Pump technology which, as we said before, helps the sneaker fit the wearer’s foot completely, thanks to air chambers on the sneaker’s upper.


This upper comes mostly in black leather, featuring red and neon yellow, a color that is also present on the sole.


Pump is not the only technology on these Reebok, their sole also features Hexalite technology, based on the addition of little hexagonal air chambers on the sole. These chambers improve cushioning on each step, spreading the impact more evenly.

For the moment we can only enjoy these two models, but stay tuned because we will soon received many more :).