Restyled vintage essence: adidas Tech Super 3.0

Inside the sneaker world, big part of the brands are choosing to take vintage models and give them a much more modern touch with the application of new materials, technologies and colourways.

A clear example of this new tendency of constant innovation, are the adidas Tech Super 3.0. The original model was launched to the market in the year 1992 and it supposed an authentic revolution due to the miscellany of colors that they were presenting, very different to what the public was used to seeing.


The retro running  essence is very present in these adidas Tech Super 3.0 thanks to the conservation of the midsole of the original model and its completely aggressive silhouette.

We see the innovation in the upper part of the sneaker in which the high quality suede has opened way for the neoprene and the mesh. Also, the technology presents techfit that makes possible for the adidas Tech Super 3.0 to not have seams and the adjustment of it to the foot is perfect.


Thanks to the innovation in the upper and its EVA Gum midsole; molded to pressure in this adidas, has improved the yield in every footstep very notably.

To finish off the sneaker, the colourway of the adidas Tech Super 3.0 had to be on a par and it has been obtained without any doubt.

The yellow color  “Tribe Yellow” covers the totality of the upper with a print of leopard on the zone of the heel that makes them even more special if it fits.


If you are looking for something different for the good weather, the adidas Tech Super 3.0 undoubtedly are your best option, get with them in our shop Adidas 😀