Shopping in the Best Department Store in the World: Selfridges.

I don’t label it that way,it was awarded as the Best Department Store in the World in the Global Department Store Summit 2012. Who does not want to get to know the coolest places in a city? All the travel guides include a visit to Harrods in the “To-do section”. But what about Selfridges?

One of my favourite routes when I went shopping in London was just to cross Carnaby St, get to Nike Town and then from there to Seldfridges. The building has an impressive façade from 1909. Warning: you cannot always buy what you want. A reminder before crossing the doors.

The decoration of the shop windows is unbelievable. They hold contests where artists have the opportunity to show their designs and creations. I am not exagerating. Seldfridges deserves these words. Its founder wanted the customer to go shopping with a smile in their face and, trust me, his vision still prevails. On the first floor, you can find brands such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Chanel and so on. I keep walking although the Food Hall sign deserves a visit (mental note for later). I get directly to the urban floor where you can finds brands like Commes de Garçons, Evisu, Diesel, Paul Smith, Fred Perry, Bjorn Borg o Levi´s vintage. Seldfridges has the honor to have the world largest shoe shop with more than 3200 models. The sneaker lovers also have their place, they haven’t forgotten us. I buy something and then I get to Food Hall where I buy a big bag of Jelly Beans. There are more than 50 different flavours. Oh, last tip; if you like the antique Coke bottles, they always have a unique design. If you are in London, Seldfridges deserves a visit.