100% Biodegradable cleaning: It’s Sneaker Lab’s turn

This week at Foot District we have a double celebration because we are doubling when it comes to cleaning supplies. This time we’re happy to announce that a set of specific products for cleaning sneakers from the brand Sneaker Lab are already available on our website:


While the options may not seem like much at first glance, sometimes simplicity is the key. Yes, the high quality of the Sneaker Lab products is based on the fact that they are made from natural ingredients and are usually 100% biodegradable and therefore environmentally friendly, and due to their biological components they have a long-lasting effect.
The most basic and indispensable product recommended for any sneaker is the Sneaker Lab Sneaker Kit in 2 parts, which includes a special brush for cleaning both the upper as well as the midsole and sole along with the cleaning liquid. But if we’re after an integral cleaning of our shoe then it makes sense that, although we can get the Sneaker Lab Sneaker Cleaner separately (that basic for cleaning any type of material, including suede) and the anti-odor liquid Sneaker Lab Odor Protector, the key is to acquire the complete pack along with the Sneaker Lab Sneaker Protector and brush.

And if you’re looking for something more specific for leather shoes then don’t worry because there is a specialized cleaner for treating leather, the Sneaker Lab Leather Care, which is water-based and provides UV protection. And to use from wherever you are or for when you’re on vacation, the 12 pack of Sneaker Lab Sneaker Wipes in its individual case is ideal for any type of material and, of course, is 100% biodegradable.

There’s no excuse for not always having clean shoes, as you can’t blame Foot District for not giving you options. Allow yourself to indulge in the Sneaker Lab products, they’re just a click away.