2 girls enjoying life and sneakers.

The girls behind let us know a little more about their passion for sneakers and how their artwork started.

We share it with you so that you can see that from a tiny idea, no matter how insignificant it may seem, great projects like this one can develop, and that we can enjoy.

  • Define your style in one sentence

Merge our attraction for sneaker with our mind to a thing like art.

  • Do you have any art or photography background?

Partly. One of us is a media designer.

  • What do you think of the current state of the sneaker culture?

We stick to our own culture and attitude. To each his own.

  • How did you come up with the idea of creating

We are friends for a long time now. Our passion for photography and creative artwork was one of our most common ground. Once we sat together after a photo session, we decided to share our work with people who do the same things. It is great to get feedback from other passionate guys.

  • How long have you been collecting sneakers?

The favorite piece of clothing always were shoes. But we don’t like to call it “collecting”, because “to collect” means to receive and store something. We definitely are supporters of wearing and treating every pair with the same love.

  • How many pairs do you currently own?

Quantity is just a number.

  • What’s your favorite brand of kicks? And why?

We aren’t focused on a certain brand. Every brand has its own great models we are into. But at the moment its mostly Nike vintage models and Asics which catch our attention. We are also curious for the new Adidas Flux colorways coming in the near future.

  • What is the greatest sneaker of all time in your opinion?

There is no greatest sneaker of all time. There are many great pairs out there. Currently the Nike Air Skylon II in EU38 would be the best one of us could possibly imagine.

  • Do you wear your sneakers?

Absolutely. Bar none

This is her artwork:

patta                              IMG_8159_1                     IMG_7818_1    _MG_7784-2       


Thank you so much