The 10 best Nike ads of all time

There are brands particularly inspiring with their commercials. Nike, Apple and Coca Cola are the top 3 in my opinion. They know how to impact the audience with their messaging.

Nike ads have a inspirational effect on the audience. Find below my Top 10 from Nike.

10. “I can” Nike (1998)

Music: The Verve “Bitter Sweet Symphony” . “I can be anything, I can do anything…” End of story!

9. “Awake” Nike(2006)

Music: AC/DC “Rock and roll ain’t noise pollution” Come on, wake up!

8. “Instant Karma” Nike(1992)

John Lennon “Instant Karma”. “Laughing at fools like me. Who on Earth do you think you are? A superstar? Well, right you are” When I see Michael Johnson, I think of that 19.32 race in Atlanta 96.

7. “Voices” Nike (2012)

Nike celebrates the 40th anniversary of the legislation that allowed women to participate in official sport competitions . “I never felt like quitting”


6. “My better is better than your better” Nike (2008)

“My agility is the CEO of the United Global Agility Corporation” “My strong apologizes for making your strong look like cottage cheese”

5. “Frozen moment” Jordan (1997)

Be quiet, Michael Jordan has the ball!

4. “What was your soul…?” Nike (2010)

Music: “I’ve got sould but I’m not a soldier” The Killers. “What was your sould born to do?”


3. “Ilumina tu país” Nike (2010)

Music: Isaac Albéniz “Asturias” . Keep up the hard work!

2. “No excuses” Nike (2007)

“I’m too weak, too slow, too big, I ate too much for breakfast…Man,my feet hurt.” ¡Inspiring!

1. “A little less hurt” Nike (2006)

Music: Johnny Cash “Hurt” In my opinion, one of the most motivational ads ever


What about yours?