The 8 best pictures of the Nike Air Huarache on Instagram

Hi there everyone! For those who still don’t know me, I’m Alfonso, and have just come back to the foot District team and… What better way to celebrate it than talking about my favourite sneakers?

Some days ago, Diego introduced one of the first Nike Air Huarache models that arrived in our store, and to go along those lines today I’m showing you the ranking of the ones that are, from my point of view, the best eight pictures of the Huarache on instagram right now. There we go!

8. @Nupunk


We start with the eighth place, @nupunk shows us his awesome Huarache Green Abyss Turbo Green, an amazing combination of blue with a print that reminds us of the clear waters of Santa Monica beaches.

7. @dewimiller


On the seventh place we choose @dewimiller‘s photograph. The blue tones and the hero green of these Nike Huarache makes them spectacular, but that’s not alll! They feature an elephant print that makes them even more exclusive.

6. @kinchy77


@kinchy77‘s collection is sixth. He has both traditional Huaraches and the new reissues that Nike released with the Free sole.

5. @benofcpt


On the fifth place @benofcpt takes us to the clouds with his Nike Air Huarache “Army & Navy Pack“. Airborne sneakers from Turkey about to go parachuting.

4. @blu_williams


Next on our ranking we have another collection. @Blu_wulliams has quite a few pairs we can see, for example some Nike Huarache Quickstrike.

3. @guide2yrsole


First in our top three, this amazing photograph by @guite2yrsole deserves to make it to the podium hands down. His Nike Huarache Quickstrike with their flashy colourway stand against a wild background, creating a perfect whole.

2. @mambamatt


This photograph by @mambamatt is just impressive. The composition is perfect, and the model more so. These Nike Air Huarache Mowabb, inspired by Nike’s outdoor line, left me lost for words.

1. @jonoparkerphotography


Why is this photograph number one for me? They are the Huarache that turned the sneaker world upside down lately, the Pure White. Their simplicity contrasts nicely with the Auckland skyline on this breathtaking picture by  @jonoparkerphotography

This is my ranking, I hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as I did. Also, if you like the Nike Air Huarache you can get your pair in our online store :).