The adidas Los Angeles return to a simplistic colorway

Although the L.A. Trainer’s technology was quickly surpassed within the running world in the 80s, today it still seems incredible to us that the three colored pegs worn on the heel could be taken off and put back on in order to regulate the density of the sole and the cushioning. Several seasons ago they came back to life and have been reissued, to the point where the name was changed definitively to L.A. Trainer adidas Los Angeles.

Adidas-Los-Angeles-Gris Adidas-Los-Angeles-White

The new adidas Los Angeles models released a few days ago don’t bear the name of the city solely for the 1984 Olympic games; they now seek out a more modern and cosmopolitan feel that is inspired by them. The most recent models opt for a change in the colorway, shying away from last year’s tendency to use strong red or blue tones and instead using lighter colors like metallic grey or white.

Flat seams and traditional TPU bands characterize the fabric upper. For daily use the adidas Los Angeles continue to be one of the favorites and will still be so for those who prefer simplicity and a stylized silhouette, with the added plus of a light, Contintental rubber sole that is nonslip on wet floors.

Adidas-Los-Angeles-Gris2 Adidas-Los-Angeles-suela Adidas-Los-Angeles-Gris3 Adidas-Los-Angeles-White2

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