The best 10 pictures of Converse All Star on Instagram

At foot District we are certain that Instagram is a gold mine for picture lovers. Admittedly, we might be overwhelmed by pictures of meals… but if you are patient enough, you can find genuine works of art.

We make it easy for you and collect the best pictures of sneakers we can find, no matter if they are Nike Flyknits, adidas Gazelles or, like today, Converse All Stars! So sit back and relax :).

10 – Albamargi

 converse albamargi

We begin with this picture of a seaside walk. Doesn’t it look relaxing?

9 – Emerlily

converse emerlily

Time for some black and white. A pair of All Stars amongst the daisies… a flower as simple as this classic sneaker. The perfect match!

8 – fifidixon

converse fifidixon

Who do you think will enjoy this mini Converse the most: the little one wearing them or the proud mum?

7 – emmab1526

converse emmab1526

It looks like an easy picture to take, but it’s no easy thing to get that special green of the sneakers to really stand out against the background… emmab1526 manages to do it with this cozy shot.

6 – Carolinascaldelai

converse carolinascaldelai

This picture takes the most of a simple pair of white Chuck Taylors combining them with maroon jeans and a green leafy background.

5 – cpt.j_smith

converse cpt.j_smith

The beach is a recurring motif for pictures, and sneaker pictures are no exception. We particularly liked this one because of its composition… it feels like we too are enjoying a day in the sun.

4 – santinbanki

converse santinbanki

At foot District we love creativity and street art, and that’s why we want to share with you this customized Converse. The purity of its colours, the movement of the lines… santinbanki is a real artist! You should also check out this other profile for more amazing designs.

3 – ingridbiancaxyz

converse ingridbiancaxyz

A great view of Barcelona from El Carmel, on which we can even make out some of the most touristic attractions of this seaside city, like the Sagrada Familia. The classic white Converse are right at home!

2 – gentleman_wolf:

converse gentleman_wolf

You only need to look into those tiny eyes to understand why this picture is also in our top 3… Is there anything half so cute in this world as a hedgehog in a Converse All Star? If something comes to mind please, comment! We can’t think of anything! By the way this adorable little fellow is Norman, brettjessie’s hedgehog.

1 – enpointe y zaebrix

converse enpointe y zaebrix

Not one for those who are afraid of heights. In front of this breathtaking view of the Great Canyon of Colorado we can enjoy the matching black Converse Chuck Taylors of these two. It goes to the first place because of the landscape and the feelings it conveys: inner peace, greatness, awe…

Hope you enjoyed it!