The best 9 Nike Flyknit pictures on Instagram.

Instagram is becoming a vital social network for those who love good sneaker pictures, as is our case.

A week ago we proposed to you the 10 best pictures of the Nike Roshe Run on Instagram, and for the current one we have prepared you a post dedicated to the Flyknit technology by Nike.

9. lilprincess_x


Nike black and red combination on this Nike sneaker and a beautiful contrast with the sun.

 8. solesinc


A very colorful sneaker that give you a touch of freshness and comfort to practice sports or just your everyday routine.

7. cycymnc


For him and for her, wear matching shoes with your running partner and enjoy outdoors sports together.

6. walterxsobchak


A very comfortable sneaker with a boot design, the Flyknit technology and the knit-like textile that allows an optimum transpirability and a 100% fit to the anatomy of the foot.

5. rad_is_brad


These Flyknit will amaze you with their orange shade on the black contrast. There is no doubt that the sneaker is the main character here.



The blurred background makes clear the message they wanted to send with tis picture: my Flyknit are important, and they will be the center of attention thanks to the pattern on the upper.

3. crankystevie


Do you fancy a relaxing walk? Take your Flyknit and go ahead! Walk around the world with them while you are always comfortable and trendy.

2. 1lostsOle


Nature is the best scenery for every picture, and in this case more so since the red sneakers stand out against the bright red on the background.

1. tyrone3ty


The beach, the most appropriate place to enjoy your holidays or the chance  of practicing sports outdoors, and don’t forget your Flyknit!

As you can see, the Nike Flyknit match anywhere you want to go to, and you’ll never have to give up on that comfort you look for, and even less setting trend!

Thanks! @lilprincess_x, @solesinc, @cycymnc, @walterxzobchak, @rad_is_brad, @mahecic,  @crankystevie, @1lostsOle, @tyrone3ty.