The best selling sneakers in March at foot Distrct.

Weeks of change at foot District, and now we release a new section for our blog.

We’ll do a monthly review of the best selling sneakers of the month, any guesses on which ones they could be?

These are the three most sold sneakers in March, the New Balance U410HKR, the adidas ZX-750 and the New Balance WR996CW.

New Balance U410HKR


A sneaker that captivates you: the reason is its slender silhouette, its simple sole and above all the colours. A combination that will just get you hooked.

The materials are already a classic in New Balance: mesh, suede and EVA rubber for the sole.

New-Balance-U410HKR_4    New-Balance-U410HKR_7      New-Balance-U410HKR_6

Adidas Zx-750


The adidas ZX-750 are hands down the perfect ally for any look: they combine themselves and give you that special touch.

The materials they chose for it are just perfect: suede and mesh panels that provide you with the comfort you need for your everyday outfits without leaving elegance out of the picture.

 Adidas-ZX-750-D65233_4    Adidas-ZX-750-D65233_6    Adidas-ZX-750-D65233_5

New Balance WR996CW


Once again New Balance leaves us flabbergasted, and this time the WE996CW features a checkered  pattern in navy blue and white, an upper in sky blue with white and grey areas that will set a trend, mainly for this spring-summer.

new-balance-wr996cw_4   new-balance-wr996cw_7   new-balance-wr996cw_6

Hurry up, they’ll run out soon!