The best sneakers for a job interview

Yes, the title says well. Why not to turn up at a job interview with a pair of sneakers on your feet? It might sound daring but you will separate yourself from the masses. No doubt of that! I have always imagined on what I would wear on a Nike’s interview. Perhaps like that The Trend of Performance Sneaker & Suits. There is an ongoing debate over that. Find below my list:

4. Adidas Gazelle

A truely classic. You will go simple but elegante at the same time.

Adidas Gazelle

3. New Balance 576

Your interviewers will think you know how to mix colours and resolve complicated quizzies.

New Balance 576

2. New Balance 574 CustomUS

“He wears a pair of custom shoes. He has his own way of looking at things. I like that”

New Balance 574 Custom US

1. Nike Flyknit

Well, my dream comes true. I have been called for a job intervies at Nike. I have always wondered what a Nike employee wears at the office. It’s not about competing against your interviewer to wear the most legendary Nike shoe, but you will make an impression with these shoes on.

Nike Flyknit
Thanks to jayq14, cutekinocute, ohbonbien and unkownfreakout to let me use their pics. They are great!