The graphic evolution of the Nike Air Force 1

Not too long ago we decided to review the history of the Nike Air Force 1, whose exploits show that in 33 years time it has earned an extremely well known name. Although until now it has been faithful to its original design, with entrenched principles like the sole or the basic design of the upper, the Nike Air Force 1 is an example of evolution and adaptation to the times. For this reason Nike has grabbed our attention with the creation of an infograph that visualizes the evolution of the AF1 over three decades. But seeing as an image is worth more than a thousand words…

It seems incredible that the prototype of the first Nike Air Force 1 had the upper made of mesh and not of leather as we all are familiar with today. Of course they could have never imagined the materials they would use for manufacturing some of their models, ranging from canvas fabric to crocodile skin. And that’s not to mention innovations like the wire mesh, Vac Tech, Hyperfuse or the Faomposite. Obviously the colors that the Nike Air Force 1 have sported are also extremely numerous, especially once Nike ID started enabling them to be customizable. The evolution of the soles has been the least striking, seeing as how the most important integration was without a doubt the Air Max technology and something like this hardly needs anything else. You can already picture how the Swoosh appeared, becoming bigger or smaller, changing place, etc., however it is clear that it has been the most fundamental ingredient of the design in terms of the decorative aspect. And for the most obvious: the changes in the upper’s height ranging from “high”, moving to a middle ground and even to a “low” version for the more demure. However you only have to look at the image to recognize that the higher the upper, the more authentic it is.

We insist that you download the image and enjoy it little by little. Like when we marvel at the famous image depicting the evolution and the monkey that is standing up, you will be surprised to discover some of the details about the Nike Air Force 1 that you surely never knew before.