The Nike Air Force 1 has the honor of being the…

One of the most legendary kicks of Nike’s history has arrived at foot District. If we ranked the most recognizable silhouettes ever, the Nike Air Force 1 will make it to the top 3 for sure.

The name of the show was due to the Air Force 1, the plane of the President of USA. Yes, the one from the movies. The designer of the Nike Air Force 1 was Bruce Kilgore. Back then he was working simultaneously on the Nike Air Sock Racer and the Nike Air Force 1. This facts shows us some of his versatility considering the different requirements of each design. In order to come up with this silhouette, he was inspired by the Nike Approach Hiker, a hiking shoe.

The Nike Air Force 1 was the first Nike shoe with the AIR technology especially designed for the basketball practice. It was a total hit! The players instantly loved it due to its performance. This shoe was a turnaround

It has the honor of being the first Nike shoe to be reissued. Back then, the brands came up with new designs that improved the previous ones in terms of performance. Neither the brands nor the fans thought there was no point in buying a pair with less features than the previous. The crowd of Nike Air Force 1 made Nike to reconsider his point of view. It seems that they didn’t get wrong. Since then, more than 2000 versions of the shoe have been released. It is of no surprise to find out that it is the best selling athletic shoe ever.

The Nike Air Force 1 is a shoe that has been very influential in the hip-hop scene. It was called “Uptowns”.

It comes in a black and red colourway. The materials, leather and suede, are the best. It includes a detail worth noticing, an overlay in black on the laces with the lettering “AIR FORCE”.

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The sole incorporates circular shapes to facilitate the movement of the basketball players. The pivot move is called. This was a revolution on the 80’s.


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