The shoe that resembles a racing car: adidas Racing 1.0 Prototype

No, despite the appearance and colors… the adidas Racing 1.0 Prototype has nothing to do with F.C. Barcelona. What we should be reminded of is an older shoe, the Adidas Formel 1, and while we’re at it the Adidas Original NMD as well, precedent and successor respectively. The point is that the adidas Racing 1.0 Prototype hides a fascinating anecdote based on the fact that it was conceived more than 40 years ago, four decades of a stored prototype that finally is seeing the light of day.

The name of the adidas Racing 1.0 Prototype not only explains its peculiar history but also its inspiration stemming from racing cars, hence the familiar shape similar to that of the adidas Formel 1. We are positive that it will delight those individuals who love models with a retro air, and will of course do the same for fans of racing cars: had you not noticed the peculiar shapes of the sole, or the small appliques that protrude from the sides? Yes, it’s what you’re thinking, wings! And we can almost mention tunning, because although the photographs don’t do it justice, there are phosphorescent elements that glow in the dark. The wing is essential for winning races, it’s created using a two-part EVA rubber midsole and for the “body”, they have chosen nylon and suede in bold colors.

Adidas-Racing-1-0-Prototype2 Adidas-Racing-1-0-Prototype3 Adidas-Racing-1-0-Prototype4
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