The sneakers appear on the Paris fashion week

In the first weeks of the year, the most important designers feature their collections for the next fall-winter. They do on the fashion weeks that take place in London, Milan, Paris, the rising Barcelona, New York or Madrid. These weeks, in which the trends that will succeed the following year are shown, are also an opportunity to bring in a fresh breath of air into the male wardrobes.

The male fashion keep carrying more weight in the fashion weeks. Is this cause or a consequence for which men watch what they wore? Anyways, we love that.

Let’s omit the more classic proposals that have been featured so far – three pieces suit, military cut coat, use of leather – we highlight the stamped shirts, jerseys, coats. Through images, geometric figures, even animal print, the color seeps into the collections. The following winter will be orange but also deep red (pantone 17-1664) and blue (pantone 19-3964).

We have seen padded coats and vests – a must -, necks with surprising intentions and, as a rara avis, the sneakers. Altough the Lanvin and Hermes proposals will define the trend, we are loyal to New Balance

New Balance GM 500 MBB

PD. Will New York and Madrid fashion weeks confirm what we have seen so far?