Vans has arrived at foot District

Vans shoes are considered by many the footwear of this young generation. They hit the market more than 40 years ago and as other companies, they started selling sportswear, but its target changed when popular 80’s and 90’s music bands such as   Bad religion or Blink 182 began to wear Vans.

That factor and the fact that the company commenced to organize events related to sports like surf or skate changed its vision. In fact, it was the first brand that opened a skatepark with more than 46.000 square metres.

The brand associated itself to certain urban tribes, even specific lifestyles that made Vans to grow constantly. This tendency changed lately and started to have an upturn to become a trendy brand.

What do Vans shoes have that cause I love them so much?

The answer is simple: the simplicity of most of the brand models, specially in its Authentic model, considered the flagship of the brand.The basic shapes and the colour range of this shoe make it easy to combine. They also provide comfort to your footstep. They are made in sailcloth and have a resistant rubber sole.

Now, we present you the Vans Authentic Rainbow Tiger, which feature a striking upper mixing up a rainbow colourway with an animal print touch.


If we came up with a brand ranking, we could rank the Era model in the second place. They share the same shape than the Authentic but are meant to be worn in colder conditions. They incorporate an inner lining that will help your feet to stay warm.

We present you the Vans Era 59, with a very cared colour range. It is an elegant shoe that has a young feel thanks to the combination of different shades of blue and brown leather.


In the third place, another classic of the brand, the Vans Olds Skool. Its shape has nothing to go with the first two. It’s a wider shoe and is made in leather. On top of the classic brand stripe on both sides of the shoe, this model was designed to practise skate so it makes perfectly sense for them to be more robust to protect your feet.


Lastly, we will talk about the Vans Sk8. They are a mid with a similar design than the Old Skool but with the peculiarity of being higher. These are currently breaking some fashion rules mainly for women with its variant Sk8 Platform.

In short, if you are after a comfty and durable shoe to make up your casual look, Vans is your brand.