Distinct skate vibes with the Vans Old Skool V

Brand new Vans Old Skool V

The Vans Old Skool V continues a long tradition of releasing shoes that are easy to wear and stylish to boot. This version of the classic Old Skool silhouette features a few noticeable upgrades, including the lacing set-up.

Notably, the low profile is still evident, making this as appropriate a sneaker for skaters today as it was back in Tony Hawk’s hay-day.

The upper remains the same as well, sporting a mostly textile construction and accompanied by leather branding details. The “Off the Wall” graphic comes to us via the strap system, replacing traditional lacing.

vans old skool V black white

To be a fan of Vans is to be a participant in one of the oldest stories in the sneaker industry. The brand oozes California culture, representing the care-free and minimalist perspectives of surfers and skaters back in the “good old days.”

Skate culture never really had a sneaker line of its own. Sure, several brands wanted a piece of this growing market, but Vans stepped in to do something more. No longer were skateboarders just an off-shoot branch from a major brand’s giant tree.

Vans was dedicated to the skateboarding scene, quickly finding its way to relevance among other alternative sports as well.

As usual with Vans releases, these are really easy to coordinate outfits with. The strap set up is a bit interesting, but not entirely unique.

We’ve seen models such as the adidas Stan Smith take this on quite beautifully as well. It’s a design detail that adds some extra fashion appeal, similar to the lateral leather branding details and “Off the Wall” graphics.

In short, this is still the eternally wearable sneaker Vans stans know and love. A few fashionable upgrades make sure not to overtake the Old Skool’s former glory. Available now, you’ll want to cop ASAP!