What’s to come from the New Balance 996

With the change of season we are starting to see some of New Balance’s new proposals for the early months of 2016. The model that really stands out is undoubtedly the New Balance 996, which follows the same colorway pattern both for women, with the New Balance WR 996 HF and New Balance WR 996 HG, and for men with the New Balance MLR 996 KC and New Balance MLR 996 KD. Both models share the use of strong colors like maroon and blue. As it is clear that we still have some more to wait before the cold weather is truly gone, the matte finish of the uppers made in premium suede accompanies the colorway.

New-Balance-MRL-996-KC New-Balance-MRL-996-KD New-Balance-WR-996-HG New-Balance-WR-996-HFIn addition to red and blue we can see the last throws of winter in the absolute black of the New Balance MLR 996 KP and the tendency to use soft tones and cream to represent springtime in the New Balance WR 996 and New Balance MRL 996 KL:

New-Balance-MRL-996-KP New-Balance-WR-996-HD New-Balance-996-KL

This is just a small sample of the latest in New Balance 996, all the rest at footdistrict.com.